2018 Zeeko Notus Rev
2018 Zeeko Notus Rev
2018 Zeeko Notus Rev
2018 Zeeko Notus Rev
2018 Zeeko Notus Rev
2018 Zeeko Notus Rev

2018 Zeeko Notus Rev

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The 2018 Zeeko Notus Rev is a very responsive and powerful kite. With its hybrid shape, it makes a great waveriding and wakestyle kite. Its 4-line, 3-strut design favors intermediate and advanced riders.

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"Kite Only" Systems come with a bag, repair kit, ERA connection, and threaded valve cap. 


Manufacturer's Description:

We are proud to announce the release of the 10th edition of the NOTUS and 4th edition of the REV version.
This year is focused on lightness and responsiveness.
Thanks to the long-term experience acquired with the Teijin double ripstop fabric for 2 years, the weight of the trailing edge reinforcement is reduced by 30%, making the kite even lighter, stable  in the lightwind.
We have carried out a long and meticulous work on the bridle length of all the surfaces.
In 2018, the bridle was shortened by more than 20%, while maintaining an ideal bar sensation: neither too light nor too physical.
The kite reacts even more quickly to the bar inputs. The kite is more predicatable in the waves, drifts easily. The control in the jumps is improved thanks to a depower stroke effective on a few centimeters . Comfort is improved in gusty winds.
Finally, a new method of assembling the valves of one pump system improves the aging of the kite.
Wave, freestyle, hydrofoil, freeride, if you are looking for an ultra versatile wing, the Notus Rev is the ideal weapon.


What’s new:
New Building the reinforcements on the trailing edge of the kite.

Zeeko kites are equipped with the Double Ripstop Teijin spi cloth.
Teijin is the world leader in spinnaker fabrics.
They are ultra light and very resistant to tearing. Thus, after 2 years to equip our kite with a trailing edge made of dacron cloth, we decided to use a double thickness of spinnaker instead. Our different tests of aging show that even if the kite is lightened, it will always age well thanks to our very resistant fabric and whose coating is less ‘crunchy’ than the fabrics of the competitors. A fabric with a more flexible coating keeps its characteristics throughout the time. A crispy fabric is valuable in-store, but deteriorates much faster in use.

New bridling system: 20% shorter

The Notus Rev 2018 are equipped with a new 20% shorter bridling system. This bridling system improves the dynamical properties of the kite. Indeed, the short bridles allow a depower stroke much shorter. This feature makes it possible to have an even more comfortable kite in gusty winds, a better control in surf thanks to a control of the power of the kite optimized during the bottom turns or rollers. The take off of the jumps is much easier, the board edging  is easier, the jumps are stratospheric. 
The kite gains in reactivity allowing to ride in light wind more comfortable (ideal for  hydrofoiling) but also in wave, the kite reacts without any delay to your bar inputs.

New method of assembling valves.

The valves are now made of polyurethane, the same materials as the bladders. This material makes it possible to make a fusion assembly of the two parts. There is no longer any sticking of valves, this results in a much longer lifetime of the valves and a greater strength.


Tissu Teijin Double Ripstop
On all our kites we use the Double Ripstop Teijin cloth.
Teijin produces the best spi cloth of the market.
- 30% more tear resistant —> kite stronger - Improved rigidity —> more responsive kite 
- Slow aging 
The weight of the kite does not increase so far, the performance is unchanged in light wind.

Manufacturer Zeeko
Name 2018 Zeeko Notus Rev
Shape HybridModern C
Strut Count 3-Strut
Line Count 4-Line
Line Hookups TBD
Pump Hookup TBD


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