2018 JN Prima Donna 6
2018 JN Prima Donna 6
2018 JN Prima Donna 6
2018 JN Prima Donna 6
2018 JN Prima Donna 6

2018 JN Prima Donna 6

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The 2018 JN Prima Donna 6 is a powerful and responsive kite, great for wakestyle and freestyle riding. Its Modern C shape gives it plenty of lift to get those airs in. It features a 5-strut design with a 5-line hookup, and favors intermediate and advanced riders. 

Paired best with the JN Master's Craft 5-line bar and a twintip board.

Kite comes with backpack bag, and repair kit.



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    Manufacturer's Description

    The 6th generation of the JN Prima Donna is back, and it‘s ready to make your day, and change your perceptions. The JN modern C kite is the most accessible, balanced freestyle and freeride kite we have ever produced. It is stable, direct, punchy and easy to handle.

    We refined the pure performance oriented C-shape in all sizes, and applied only the highest quality fabrics available to save weight and enhance durability.

    The strictly applied „Floating Batten System“ and „Perfect Round Arc Shape“ allows an extremely aerodynamic profile. The rider benefits from a larger wind range and smooth, secure handling in gusty conditions.

    • Fast flying speed
    • Medium bar pressure
    • Lots of punch for powerful unhooked wakestyle moves
    • Precise direct steering combined with balanced intuitive feedback
    • High wind performance like never before
    • Enormous lift and hangtime
    • Instant 5th line safety
    • Simple relaunch
    Manufacturer JN
    Name 2018 JN Prima Donna 6
    Shape Modern C
    Strut Count 5-Strut
    Line Count 5-Line
    Line Hookups TBD
    Pump Hookup TBD


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