2018 JN Mr. Fantastic 4 (1-Strut)
2018 JN Mr. Fantastic 4 (1-Strut)
2018 JN Mr. Fantastic 4 (1-Strut)
2018 JN Mr. Fantastic 4 (1-Strut)
2018 JN Mr. Fantastic 4 (1-Strut)

2018 JN Mr. Fantastic 4 (1-Strut)

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The 2018 JN Mr. Fantastic 4 (1-Strut) is a very durable kite with good relaunch and plenty of power. The hybrid shape and single strut makes it very light with a terrific balance of power and stability. This kite features a 4-line setup and gives an impressive ride that favors beginner and intermediate skill levels.

Kite comes with backpack bag, and repair kit.



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Manufacturer's Description

The 4th generation will convince you with a typical JN sportive performance. Thanks to a very powerful kite surface, in Full 3D-Concave-Shape, the Mr. Fantastic covers a wide wind range and offers easy handling by a simple and refined 4-line set up. The all purpose kite offers the necessary characteristics to all stages of rider skills and an On/Off power generation for beginners, tight turns and a stable well balanced flying character for more experienced freeriders and wave riders. Mr Fantastic is shaped with a "swept back" leading edge, which allows the rider to adjust the angle of approach as with other high depower kites, but without the loss of direct steering. The JN specific canopy to tip construction gives the kite a very responsive and direct character combined with moderate bar pressure. The simple bridles support the increased angle of approach and additionally enhance the kite’s stability while offering a wide wind range.

  • Increased wind range, more depower through a perfectly adapted bridle setup Enhanced low wind performance, by an optimized effective area
  • Suits everyone, from beginner to professional through its easy handling
  • High jumps with great floaty hangtime
  • Direct and responsive steering
  • The Mr. Fantastic is suitable for all conditions and skills thanks to great upwind performance
  • Easy instant 4 line relaunch
  • Single front line safety
Manufacturer JN
Name 2018 JN Mr. Fantastic 4 (1-Strut)
Shape CyanHybrid
Strut Count 1-Strut
Line Count 4-Line
Line Hookups TBD
Pump Hookup TBD


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