JN La Mouette Foil Board
JN La Mouette Foil Board
JN La Mouette Foil Board
JN La Mouette Foil Board
JN La Mouette Foil Board

JN La Mouette Foil Board

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"La Mouette" 145,5 x 43,5  covers the full wind and application rage of foil boarding. The board has no limitations, and gives a truly progressive ride.

The elongated profile in conjunction with thin beveled rails allows a maximized slanting position when foiling. This enables a smooth, soft contact with the water without affecting the board‘s speed. The outline of the board has enough surface to position your feet comfortably for all maneuvers.

The slightly concave shape of the deck which flattens out towards the edge allows for a solid stance feel, which aids in the control. The flat tail rocker provides fast acceleration and planing until your board starts foiling, decreasing any jolt feel.

The rails are smooth to help avoid any injuries. The overall board volume is kept as minimal as possible, but still maintains enough there to allow good float and simple handling for any water-start. Excelling in the waves, the smaller board volume improves the riders control while on top and definitely helps in restarts.

Manufacturer JN
Name JN La Mouette Foil Board
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