GIN Shaman 2
GIN Shaman 2
GIN Shaman 2
GIN Shaman 2
GIN Shaman 2
GIN Shaman 2

GIN Shaman 2

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The GIN Shaman 2 is the latest Shaman generation from GIN. Swiss design makes this kite a beast on the snow, and and also feel at home on the water. This second-gen foil kite features a new bridle system providing a more responsive turn while still maintaining the stability.

The structural integrity of the kite has been improved with new inter-cell lining and bridle attachment reinforcements.

Visibility has also been improved by coloring the lines grey to stand out more from white snow, and a centering logo to reference when folding the kite.

The Shaman 2 has retained the ultra light weight of the Shaman, with a weight almost 50% of a standard foil kite.

A 5th instant 100% depower line maintains the safety standard that GIN is dedicated to providing.

The color of this kite goes with the sizing. The 4m is blue, the 6m is green, the 9m is red, and the 12m is orange. This color scheme is reflected in the product images.

Manufacturer GIN
Name GIN Shaman 2
Shape Foil Kite
Strut Count
Line Count 5-Line
Line Hookups TBD
Pump Hookup TBD


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