2018 GIN Gin and Tonic V3 Bar
2018 GIN Gin and Tonic V3 Bar

2018 GIN Gin and Tonic V3 Bar

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2018 GIN Gin and Tonic V3 Bar

Manufacturer's Description


  • Strong magnet to fixate the trim handle on the clam cleat
  • Elastic lines on both endcaps to fix the lines rolled around the bar
  • Rotating donkey stick, fixed on the harness tube
  • New material for the safety line with bungy
  • New back lines quality from Eurocord
  • New grip colour with red on the left side
  • Stronger material for the quickrelease top cover, ideal for unhooked riding


  • Certification: the GIN & TONIC bar is certified according to European norm (AFNOR) for kitesurf and snowkite use. The GIN & TONIC bar is NF S 52- 503 certified by the official European test laboratory Air Turquoise, ISO 9001:2008 (www.para-test.com).
  • Grip: ergonomical, soft and comfortable grip with orange-red tones on the left side.
  • Endcap: all covered endcap, extremely soft material for handlepass, ergonomical shape.
  • Quickrelease: easy to open and to re-build, work in all conditions (sand, dry sand, iced temperatures, with light or heavy tension on the bar, the quickrelease opens with less than 10 kg effort.
  • Donky-dick: rotating fixation, ideal for all style of riding (freestyle, wave, freeride, beginners).
  • Depower rope: covered with a thin, resistant and soft tube. that perfectly slides through the bar. Super strong construction and anyway easy to change.
  • Trim system: Clamcleat piece, light and efficient.
  • Swivel: resistant, fast turning and strong piece.
  • Safety line: with bungy for more comfort, big ring to be able to fix the kite leash directly on it or in the same time with the chicken-loop tube.
  • Chicken-loop: strong shape for a minimum of deformation, easy to catch, ideal for unhooked sessions.
  • Lines: ultra resistant material from Eurocord. Back pre-lines and front flying lines with 600 kg resistance. Back flying lines with 270 kg resistance. Clear colour and loop-knots codes.
  • 44 cm bar / 52 cm bar with 24 meters lines (20m + 4m extensions lines)
    7 meters extensions lines available as accessories.
  • GIN kite leash with neoprene cover: with quickrelease NF S 52- 503 certified and delivered with the bar
  • Front flying lines fixation: with innovative mini ringTrim rope passing through the GIN low friction ring
  • GIN low friction ring: with the rim rope passing through it
  • Easy replace: Depower rope + trim rope + handle trim are made of 3 different parts and it’s very easy to replace them
Manufacturer GIN
Name 2018 GIN Gin and Tonic V3 Bar
Line Count
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