2018 GIN Eco Board
2018 GIN Eco Board
2018 GIN Eco Board
2018 GIN Eco Board
2018 GIN Eco Board

2018 GIN Eco Board

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2018 GIN Eco Board

"Complete Board" System comes with pads, straps, 40mm fins, and handle.

Manufacturer's Description

We have developped the ECO BOARD in an effort to create products that are more respectful of nature.

The eco-responsible approach of this twintip board is a globally innovative concept. It isn’t a simple marketing ploy that you may
see a lot of these days in the market, the ecological concern is in its genes: we maximize the natural components and limit the
transportation carbon footprint.

We went even one step further by building by hand the press (machine for sticking and compressing the layers that make the boards), nearly entirely out of wood.
The ECO BOARD is produced in the Bern County in Switzerland. It’s made from poplar and walnut wood from the Bern region. This is a local manufacture and uses biocomposites. The GIN KITEBOARDING logo is burnt on to the board with a branding
iron and gives the ECO BOARD a beautifully refined look. Each board is a unique model, individually numbered with distinctive
shades of the two-colored walnut wood. Each piece is carefully handcrafted.

Manufacturer GIN
Name 2018 GIN Eco Board
Type Twintip
Fin Connections Twintip


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