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Tona Stratus
Tona Stratus
Tona Stratus
Tona Stratus
Tona Stratus
Tona Stratus
Tona Stratus
Tona Stratus

Tona Stratus

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The Tona Stratus is a brand new kite from Tona that makes for a great all-round kite. The Modern-C shape maximizes surface area for a strong, consistent pull through a large windspeed range. 3 struts make for a moderately lightweight and sturdy design, and the stability of the Stratus makes for a quality machine for all skill levels.

"Kite and Bar" Systems come with Tona's Connect Bar. Specify bar size preference at checkout. 


Manufacturer's Description

Specifically Designed For Freeride, Freestyle, Boosting, Wave riding And Foiling.

The Stratus is for riders who are looking for one type of kite to cover a wide range of kiteboarding disciplines. It doesn’t matter if you’re out boosting, doing tricks, foiling or wave riding the Stratus excels at whatever you throw at it. It’s a true all-around design.

The 3 strut profile shape allows for a very predictable and smooth pull in a wide range of conditions and it is very easy at relaunching. It’s open arc design and higher aspect give it maximum lift and efficiency for boosting and going upwind. Wingtips are square and robust for fast and direct steering.

The Stratus excels in a wide range of wind conditions. Being very smooth thru the gusts and having generous de-power.

Adjustable bridle attachments points

Don’t get locked into using your kite for only one discipline. Adjustable bridle attachment points allow you to tune the kite for Freestyle, Surf, Foil or Freeriding. Fine tune your kite to suit your particular preferences and style.

Square rigid tips

Squaring off the kite tip and having larger diameter leading edge makes the structure more rigid which allows the CONNECT bar and line to to have a positive transfer to your kite resulting in increased feedback and faster turning. The larger leading edge tips also makes the STRATUS extremely easy to relaunch. The tips float higher and the response from your bar inputs are more effective.

Quick and easy inflate valve

No more fiddling looking for the right attachment on your pump to inflate your kite or losing session time because you lost your pump attachments. The end of eny pump hose fits directly onto the valve for an easy high volume air transfer. One less thing to worry about.

Multi attachments points for custom tuning, customizable bar pressure and turning speed

The multi attachment point option allows you to adjust your bar pressure, effect your turning speed and customize your CONNECT bar feel to exactly what you want. Every rider has a personal preference when it comes to bar pressure and turning speed. Find yours.

Double Ripstop Canopy

The Double Ripstop Canopy material is a special reinforcing manufacturing technique that makes your canopy resistant to tearing and ripping while offering a favourable strength-to-weight ratio. In the event of a rip or tear, double Ripstop will reduce the possibility of the rip spreading allowing you to make it back to the beach and limit damage repair.

3 Strut light weight design

Having our rigid leading edge design and square tips allowed us to only need 3 struts to maintain the desired canopy shape thus reducing weight while maintaining the perfect aerodynamic shape. Less is more.

Contoured trailing edge for improved aerodynamics

Contoured trailing edges enabled us to reduce induced drag and reduce weight. Less Drag to Lift ratio makes for a more efficient lifting aerofoil. Reduced drag helps the upwind ability of the kite.

Open Arc shape and higher aspect

Having a Open Arc shape increase the lift surface area giving the kite the maximum lift and efficiency. The surface area aspect ratio is being fully utilized but the Open Arc offering maximum lift and stabilizing the kite.

Manufacturer Tona
Name Tona Stratus
Shape Modern C
Strut Count 3-Strut
Line Count 4-Line
Line Hookups TBD
Pump Hookup TBD


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