Tona Pop 2.0
Tona Pop 2.0
Tona Pop 2.0
Tona Pop 2.0
Tona Pop 2.0
Tona Pop 2.0

Tona Pop 2.0

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This board is known for being fast, grippy & explosive!

The Pop was Tona’s debut kiteboard which they developed with fellow riders in mind, and is Jake Kelsick’s favorite from Tona's twin tip lineup.

At the time of its conception there was a big demand for something that had great pop off the water, went upwind well and also had good traction when riding finless. After several rounds of testing prototypes with different channel designs Tona came up with something that was very unique and innovative, and people have been stoked with it ever since. True to the original design, the POP 2.0 has the same great shape and tough construction but they tweaked the glass lay up to improve the flex pattern and added a new graphic. It’s the same great ride but with a fresh look!

The Pop comes with our 0.8″ Ramp fins. Hit kickers or ride up onto the beach without worrying about snagging a fin or breaking one off in the process. The long, shallow profile allows you to tread over obstacles without any hangups and the wide screw insert system gives added strength under pressure.

"Board, Fins, and Straps" systems come with Tona's Slippas Footstraps.

Colors are unique to sizes:

133 cm - Blue

138 cm - Teal

142 cm - Green

Manufacturer Tona
Name Tona Pop 2.0
Type Twintip
Fin Connections Twintip


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