Top 10 Winter Kiteboarding Vacation Spots

Is you local spot getting a little too chilly for your liking? Or maybe the wind is dying now that winter is approaching? It sounds like it’s time for a vacation somewhere windy and warm. Take a look at our top 10 spots to take a kite-vacay duing winter.


Maui, Hawaii

Maui’s Kite Beach is a world renowned spot for crystal clear water, a warm tropical feel, and consistent wind. The kiteboarding scene there is well established due to these near perfect conditions. It’s within US jurisdiction, so no passport needed! The culture there is one of a kind and not to mention the scenery of the Hawaiian islands is breathtaking almost everywhere you turn.

Image courtesy of HWT Windsports


Langebaan, South Africa

Langebaan has some of the most consistent winds, and more than enough shallow, clear, flat waters ready to be ripped. Some of the best kiteboarders come out of South Africa, so there’s a lot of talent and expertise down there as well.


The Grenadines

Taking a kiteboarding cruise through the Grenadines on super yachts stopping into every island and kite spot sounds like a great way to spend a winter vacation. Union Island, Barbados, and Martenique are also a few great Grenadine isles with ideal kiting conditions.


Kalpitiya, Sri lanka

Kalpitiya is the lesser traveled location and therefore not as busy as any of the others. You’ll have the same warm, tropical waters as any of the other places, with less than half the crowd. With the wide open Indian Ocean is on the west side great for intermediate and advanced riders, the shallow Kalpitiya Lagoon is just slightly recessed from the coast and perfect for beginners. There’s plenty of kite schools and resorts in Kalpitiya too!

 Image courtesy of Kitesurfing Lanka


Essouira, Morocco

The coasts of this colorful, culture-rich town are home to amazing waves and strong winds. Waveriding dreams come true here, since the Atlantic coast waves meet the strong winter winds. The large coastline of Essouira contains a variety of kiteable spots, including slicks, shallow flats, and a variety of wave conditions including perfect A-frame reelers.


La Ventana Baja California

Baja California has a lot of cool stuff to do, but La Ventana beach takes the cake. Warm blue water, excellent onshore winds, and a relaxed environment with an awesome mountain skyline make this place a great destination for a winter kite-vacay. Surfing is world class down in Baja California as well, so waveriders charge!


Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Home to STAR kiteboarding’s flagship store, Cabarete DR is a kitesurf haven. Tons of resorts, schools, and pristinely kiteable beaches. Regularly pumping winter surf also makes this place great for waveriding. Plus you can hit up the Star Kiteboarding Store and get on board for one of their downwinders!


Image courtesy of Star Kiteboarding


Gostoso, Brazil

The warm Brazilian waters are matched with the warm Latin American atmosphere and hospitality. Consistent trade winds and a reduced crowd makes this a perfect spot to get away from it all and just kite. With the open ocean and lagoons/bays nearby, Gostoso spots appeal to all styles of kitesurfers.


Long Bay, Turks and Caicos

Long Bay is exactly how it sounds: a long bay. The shallow bay-like lagoon/flat spans about 2 miles and is somewhat sheltered from big surf, so the water is relatively calm. As per usual, warm, blue water and plenty of winter winds!


Jupiter, FL

Our own ground zero, Jupiter Florida, is a great spot. Winter is the season over there, and water temps stay nice and warm. Juno Kite beach is right north of the Juno pier, and home to a lot of very talented and experienced riders. There’s plenty of beach to accommodate everyone. There’s also a ton of other activities to do in the city to keep you busy in the evening.